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how I got started “Just Talking”

After getting my Bachelor of Arts from Chatham College, (now Chatham University), in Pittsburgh, I set my sights on NYC. The moment I arrived there I enrolled in classes and got a job waiting tables so I could afford to live and learn. After almost four years of studying my craft and doing the occasional off-off Broadway show I thought it was time to really think about how I was going to make a living other then as a waitress. It was time to leave New York and look for real work.

I returned to my home town of Ann Arbor, MI and began looking into graduate programs. In the meantime there was a fair amount of local theatre happening in and around town. It wasn’t long before I was performing all over town in everything and anything I could find. I soon discovered, to my surprise, that Detroit had a thriving commercial market, Industrial Films, commercials on and off camera, and several Equity theatre companies. I drove in, got an agent and within a year had all of my union cards and a healthy professional career.

What came of those years in Detroit was my discovery of Voice Over. I fell completely in love with it. Once I started having children it became my main source of income and my devotion to it was complete. I spent ten wonderful years working in Detroit. Because more and more of my work was coming out of Chicago I felt it was time to make the move and in June of 1994 I packed up my family and off we went.

I came to Chicago to do VO and that is precisely what I did, hundreds of commercials later I have come full circle. My love of voice over work has not changed but returning to the stage, at this stage in my life, is more rewarding then I could have imagined.

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